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aogAOG Service rendered in 4h / same day


AOG / « Aviation On Ground » designates technical issues preventing aircraft from flying, which require immediate actions and specific emergency processes.

In order to help you reduce your immobilizations’ costs and meet your emergency requirements, LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS has set up specific processes and resources allowing your equipment to be back in order as quickly as possible.

CALL THE AOG / EMERGENCY NUMBER: +33 (0)1 39 57 17 25

Reach us 24/7
Emergency service rendered at our Sartrouville (Yvelines – France) production facility

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1. Gather useful information

In order to ensure our appropriate action and response to your emergency requirements, we need to know about your situation.
Call the emergency number of LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS.

2. With you at all stages of the emergency situation

One requested information is gathered, we analyse the situation and revert back to you within 30 minutes max. with potential solutions identified.

3. Select the ultimate solution

  • AOG / Emergency Service (4h max.)
  • Emergency Service (same day – 12h max.)
  • Rapid Service (24h max.)
  • Regular Service (3 to 5 days)

4. Your equipment back in order

For a quicker response, you come and pick up your workpieces directly at our Sartrouville production facility. Or you let us select one of our first class shipping partners, all providing international and rapid delivery services.

Contact us by e-mail