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LUBODRY® dry lubricant processes are completely inert and do not migrate. With a wide operating temperature range from -250 ° C through 1 100 ° C (1 500 ° C in vacuum), our processes avoid the use of aqueous solutions during the machining operations and are not subject to sudden temperature changes. The structure of our Graphite, MoS2 and WS2 based coatings is completely uniform and not affect in any way the original dimensions of your workpieces. They are excellent lubricant solutions for low tolerance workpieces.

Often the last operation before assembly, LUBODRY® lubricant coatings can be processed after all other surface treatments (with the exception of Zinc) and on all types of substrates (ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, composites, alloys and plastics).

The exceptional physical, functional and mechanical properties of our dry lubricant coatings :

  • respect the original dimensions of your tools and blades
  • permanently lubricate your tools and blades
  • significantly improve the quality of cuts by reducing friction and abrasion
  • better evacuation of cutting waste
  • significantly reduce seizing phenomenon
  • limit efforts and overheating
  • optimize lifespan of workpieces and reduce deformations
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • allow productivity gains and quality improvement of machining


Different applications :

  • grinders
  • cutters, drill bits
  • mandrels
  • punches
  • dies
  • sleeves
  • taps
  • etc.

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