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Our LUBODRY® dry lubricant coatings have strong salt spray resistance properties and will reduce significantly your environmental footprint.


Oil & Gas industries have been using efficient LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS lubricant solutions in salt spray environments for many years and our processes have been approved by several key industry players. Our dry lubricant processes are constantly adapted in order to best meet evoluting constraints faced by the Oil & Gas industry. LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS is the European leader in the development and implementation of dry self-lubricating solutions. Our dry lubricant processes are effective, sustainable and environment-friendly and solve friction, wear, corrosion, erosion and jamming issues your are facing with your equipment operating in harsh environments (salt spray, steam, high pressure, high temperatures, etc.). with risers, connectors, centralizers, pumps and valves, or any other workpieces operating in harsh environments.

Productivity of your off-shore activities will be significantly increased, with less downtime and maintenance operations and an improved lifespan of LUBODRY® processed workpieces, through a better operation of your equipments, such as risers, connectors, centralizers, pumps and valves. Machining of your workpieces is also simplified as our dry lubricant processes do not change dimensions of your industrial parts.

With no reject within the environment during our coating process nor after assembly of LUBODRY® processed workpieces in your equipments, your environmental footprint is significantly reduced compared to the use of conventional oil- or grease-based lubricants.



The renewable energy industry has to evolve faster than any other industry to meet the growing needs of the world’s population in a context of scarcity of natural resources. This has naturally led to the rapid growth of electricity production using wind, solar, tidal and marine current, or biomass energy.

To remain a sustainable business, the renewable energy industry requires reliable workpieces and components. Our LUBODRY® dry self-lubricating solutions protect your infrastructure and increase the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. Your maintenance operations and costs are reduced. Our lubricant processes improve the operations of your fasteners, bearings and rotor bearings in wind turbines, of your key rotating components in tidal power generation plants, or of your magnets in permanent magnet synchronous generators.

Our LUBODRY® dry lubricant coatings have strong salt spray resistance properties and will reduce significantly your environmental footprint.


Several critical workpieces of nuclear power plants are exposed to high temperatures, humidity and access unease make difficult regular greasing operations. With over 20 years of experience in the nuclear industry, our LUBODRY® dry lubricants processes improve the productivity, reliability and availability of key componants in nuclear power plants. LUBODRY® technology molecularly bounds solid lubricant micro-particles to the substrate surface, providing for flawless operations of your equipments, even at very high temperatures and cancel the need of re-lubrication throughout the cycle.

Developed in order to optimize your plants’ performance, our dry lubricant coatings are based on our 20+ years of experience in the field of dry and self-lubricating solutions as well as on our team of experts. The LUBODRY® technology often exceeds your performance expectations and reduce significantly your operation cost. Our innovative lubricant solutions are always tested prior to any application within a nuclear environment. The micro-particles of dry lubricant are permanently impinged within the substrate surface of your workpieces, thus your maintenance programs are easier to implement and your equipment reliability is improved within the challenging nuclear environment. LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS is positioning itself as a key partner of the nuclear industry by improving productivity (fewer failures) and reducing operating costs of nuclear power generation plants.

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