Hydraulics and Pneumatics

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Industrial pumps, valves and actuators are used in a large number of industries : petrochemicals, stationery, irrigation and food industry.

These equipemnts are used in many applications such as manufacturing machines and tools, air supply equipmentc for civil engineering and project management, air condition systems within private homes and offices, refrigerators and refrigerated storages. Such industries’ clients expect environment-care, reliability, minimum energy consumption and low maintenance cost from their equipments. Innovative processes developed at LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS consist of solid lubricant microparticles impinged into the substrate surface using a proprietary high velocity spray tool. Our coatings increase the lifespan of your equipment and have high load-bearing capacity, which further improves their respective lubricating properties.

Through our Research&Development Department, we continuously improve our existing dry lubricant processes and develop new processes with the triple objective of achieving reduced energy consumption, implementing an ambitious ecological approach and reducing manufacturing and maintenance costs.

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