Development of new lubricant processes and industrial partnerships

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As the needs for performance under extreme conditions are becoming more common, as the maintenance costs of conventional lubrication systems have considerably increased, and as the environmental regulations are becoming more and more stringent, a large number of industries are now turning to our high performance and maintenance-free dry lubricant processes. We believe that such a trend will continue to grow, as more and more chemical substances are restricted from use or prohibited by environmental laws and regulations.

To effectively meet these requirements, our R&D team regularly improves, internally or in partnership, our original and environment-friendly dry lubricant processes. No matter the industry, whether you look for temperature, corrosion, adhesion, weight and mechanical performance of your workpieces, we have the right dry lubricant process for you !



In addition to our collaboration with world’s leading research institutes, LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS is also developing partnerships with other businesses in order to co-develop new industrial processes and / or identify and validate new applications for our existing processes.

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