Reach regulations

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What is REACH?

Many manufacturing and special processes are comprising chemicals which could have significant impacts on the environment and health. REACH is an acronym for “Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of CHemical Substances” and is a European regulation (EC regulation No 1907/2006) aiming at better recording such substances, authorizing the use of safe and prohibiting the use of those presenting an undue risk to human health and the environment. Thus, the European regulation REACH lists relating risks to health and the environment, providing for a complete and transparent information on the nature and the risk of use of these substances.

The REACH regulation covers over 30,000 different substances, natural and organic, including solvents and metals. These products and substances could be raw materials or participate in the composition of mixtures such as paints..

LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS scrupulously complies with the REACH regulations.

Fully compliant with the strictest environmental regulations such as REACH, Lubodry® G (Graphite), LUBODRY® M (MoS2) and LUBODRY® W (WS2) impinged dry lubricant processes are therefore used in replacement of salt bath nitriding processes, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium (VI), Hard Chrome, or any other chemical substances to be prohibited in future environmental regulations.