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The semiconductor industry is facing many technical challenges, especially in the fields of flat screens or solar power panels. Manufacturing and operations of such products is often done in harsh conditions : negative pressure, high temperature, corrosion and clean rooms. Machines must then include workpieces with the ability to withstand extreme constraints so that downtimes are limited and productivity not affected. Such difficult conditions impose stringent demands on semi-conductors’ components, such as bearings, ball screws, linear guides and mechatronics solutions. Major demands are:

  • Low dust emissions
  • Environment-friendly
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Resistance to corrosion


With no extra thickness and being a migration-free coatings, together with proven performance in vaccum and in high temperatures, our LUBODRY® dry lubricant processes are strategic partners of industrial / semi-conductors manufacturers. We process workpieces for this industry from precision guideways (linear ball and roller guides) to fixations, through micro-gears and vacuum pump components.

Our dry lubricant processes are particularly efficient for electronic components to be welded or Chrome plated, and where the contamination by grease or silicone is not tolerated.

Finally, the semi-conductor industry uses LUBODRY® dry lubricants to meet small tolerances requirements and to conduct operations in vacuum (eg. some cleanrooms).

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