Lubodry® Productions

A profession: the surface treatment
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“Surface Treatment” Department created in 1995 within the MBG INDUSTRIES company, LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS became an independent company in its own in 2005. LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS has always been involved in surface treatment and now has a unique and recognized expertise in Europe in impingement processes of Graphite, Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) and Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) micro particles. Originally developed for the aerospace industry, LUBODRY® dry lubricant processes are involved in the coating of parts:

  • of small or large size
  • of simple or complex geometric surfaces
  • regardless of the support / substrate
  • in small and large series

Historically linked to the ASD sector (Aerospace and Defence), LUBODRY PRODUCTIONS has gradually diversified its markets and now operates in industries as diverse as industrial machines and tools, robotics, energy, transports, medical and dental equipment, environment, motor sport, agriculture, public engineering and precision mechanics. LUBODRY PRODUCTIONS operates both in France and abroad, mainly in the European Union and in Switzerland. The stakes of the dry and permanent lubrication are critical to our clients :

  • Reduce friction between industrial components in relative motion
  • Reduce components wear and increase their lifespan
  • Limit downtime
  • Optimize part weight, consumption of rare materials, and energy expense


1 January 1995

Création de la société MBG Industries et du département Traitement de Surfaces LUBODRY®. / Creation of the MBG INDUSTRIES company and its Department dedicated to innovative surface treatment “LUBODRY®”


1 January 1996

Création des marques déposées LUBODRY® G et LUBODRY® M. / Registered trade marks : LUBODRY® G (Graphite) and LUBODRY® M (MOS2)


1 January 2005

Création de la société spécialisée en traitement de surface LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS. / Creation of the independent “LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS” company, dedicated to innovative surface treatment


1 January 2009

Evolution des procédures environnementales (recyclage déchets, politique “zéro rejet”). Approche processus (certification ISO 9001 en 2008) / Strict environmental policy: implementation of a waste management system including waste recycling and a “zero rejection” policy


1 January 2012

Nouveaux bureaux et nouvelle unité de production à Sartrouville. / Establishment in a new and modern facility in Sartrouville (Yvelines, France), including a state of the art production workshop and offices.


1 January 2015

Nouvelle équipe de direction. Nouveau procédé lubrifiant (Imprégnation de Bisulfure de Tungstène WS2). Approche processus renforcée (Certification ISO 9001, 2015 et Certification EN 9100) / Renewal of the management team + development of LUBODRY® W (WS2), a new dry lubricant process with outstanding results for the Medical/Dental Equipment and Motorsport industries + reinforcement of process management and the company’s certifications (ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100)


1 January 2016

Communication renforcée. Nouvelle image et nouveau site web. Création de nouvelles unités de production. / New image including a new graphical charter + development and launch of a new website + launch of new commercial and production facilities in France and abroad.

LUBODRY® Presentation
Efficient, Experienced, Environmental.


Located near Paris, in Sartrouville (Yvelines), in the heart of the largest French industrial basin, LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS has a new facility since September 2012, which perfectly fits the requirements of its markets and includes:

  • a large capacity degreasing workshop to ensure the processing of large series
  • a sandblasting workshop with different cabins, using particle sizes ranging from 200 to 400 microns
  • a dry lubrication process workshop with different booths for Graphite, Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) or Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) impingement
  • a stove for lubricant processes polymerization, when necessary
  • a grease workshop to protect the parts prior to their shipment back to OEMs or their contractors
  • a control room to ensure the best quality to our customers
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Equipped with innovative dry lubrication methods and a long experience, LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS can process parts up to 30 inches in diameter and rails / pipes over 30 ft in length. In addition,, we study the possibility of tailor-made co-development with our clients, based on their specific requirements.

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LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS is engaged in a quality approach and continuous innovation, with the constant progress made on process optimization and the implementation of systematic checks.

In 2015, LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS accelerates its development:

  • Renewal of the management team
  • Strengthening the Quality System: Renewal of the ISO 9001 certification (2015 version) and transition to the EN 9100
  • Establishment of a structured CRM approach (new visual identity, new website, new CRM tools and marketing strategy implementation)
  • Exploring opportunities to launch new production facilities in France and Europe, in order to be closer to its markets and increase its production capacity
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LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS’ approach and self-lubricating processes are compliant with the most stringent environmental regulations, including the “REACH” European Project (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of CHemicals). Since the creation of LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS, sustainable development has always driven the development of our dry lubricant processes : self-limiting dry lubricants based on natural materials such as Graphite, with no release in the environment should it be during the application process or during the entire life cycle of your equipment. Moreover, their anti-friction properties enable our dry lubricant coatings to significantly extend the lifespan of treated parts, thus limit their replacement frequency.

Finally, a production policy called “zero discharge” was set up in early 2000 and all fluids are collected and recycled by accredited organizations.

« If adaptation is the survival condition of any organization, proactivity and innovation are the conditions of its development. »   Arnaud LE GUIFFANT de KERLEAU, Chairman.

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